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Chato Castillo has been in the real estate industry since 1995 and during that time has learned many aspects of the real estate industry while he oBAained his BDSoker License and Associate’s Degree in Real Estate from Dallas County Community College District. The most important thing he has learned is personal service to each client is paramount to the success and longevity of his real estate career.


Working with buyers and sellers throughout the DFW area has been part of his company’s model since the very beginning. As his clients are happy with his service, they have referred him their friends and family which help to build Pioneer 1 Realty in it’s early stages.




Our model changed just as the market changes and we entered into partnerships with major financial institutions in the US to sale their foreclosed properties. This was a very challenging opportunity as it required a lot of service, time and expertise. We had to tell these financial institutions how much their houses were worth in their present conditions. We had to forecast what their house is worth if it was completely rehabbed. We even had to rehab some of these homes, working with contractors, painters, electrician and HVAC techs. As a result of this added piece to Pioneer 1 Realty’s model, we had to add more human resource.


As a result with working with these financial institutions in disposing their assets, I made many contacts with local Dallas investors and we all as investors internationally. This led Pioneer 1 Realty in creating a property management division to help these local and international investors with their rental portfolios. Currently we manage approximately 200 units where our service include oBAaining tenants for their vacant properties, collecting rent on their occupied properties, handling all maintenance issues that arise, paying the owner their rental income and that includes monthly statements detailing their financials. We also have to take care of eviction services, in the JP level and in the County level for our clients.


Now Pioneer 1 Realty is a robust Real Estate company that offers expert service to buyers and sellers in the DFW area and continuing with financial institutions in disposing their foreclosed assets as well as managing approx. 200 units in property management. Please feel free to contact us to receive the best knowledge and service.



Cindy Castillo-Realtor Owner.  Cindy has been a Realtor professional since November 2006 within that time she has helped many to buy and sell properties.  Cindy loves showing buyers their options and negotiating skills to purchase not only a house but a home.  Also she works with a couple of investors in different areas of the metro-plex, she is on the ball to helping them get the best house for the best price in this fast REO market.  She also has experience in the new construction of properties.  She can give advice to the builder as well as to a buyer that want to purchase a new home, making sure that the buyer gets all the benefits of a new home purchase.

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